BIG News Coming!

You know how, when you have some really, really  great news you just wanna share it, screaming at the top of your lungs for the whole world to hear?  You know how, when you’re excited you just can’t sit still and you have to do something to release all that “feels” you have bundled up inside or else you’re going to go crazy?

Well, I’ve been feeling that way since last night when my dad told me some pretty awesome news that led to me posting this on my twitter page:

 If you were hoping that I would divulge some information regarding to that tweet and this tweet:

I would have to apologize because that is not the case.  At least, not for today…and probably not in a couple more days while we go finalize some things up.   All I could tell you, for the moment (because some people are asking about those tweets) is the obvious: it’s good news.  Not really helpful, I know.

I promise to share with you guys what that’s all about when the right time comes (maybe next week?) and when I have all the details.  Until then, this post should do.  Tease much? 😀

Dream on; Fly on!

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