My Idol 2012 Tour Experience

So, American Idol Season 11 tour…when the news hit (after the finale) that Jessica and co. will be performing here in the Philippines (making this the second time that the Idol tour graces the Pearl of the Orient’s shores), I knew that we were going to go watch it again, after all, it is Jessica Sanchez we are talking about, plus there’s Colton Dixon, Hollie Cavanagh, Joshua Ledet, Erica Van Pelt, Elise Testone, Heejun Han, Skylar Lane and Philip Philips to boot.

My sister and I planned to watch it on the VIP section but, since I was so busy with my book (and since I did used up most of my money for making sure that my book would soon be available in my own country), we didn’t go through with the whole VIP-thing…which, in the long run of the show, didn’t actually matter.  If you’re already there, watching, it doesn’t matter where you were seated, you will still have an unbelievably awesome time.  Granted, going in line and waiting was a pain in the ass.  It was hot.  It was noisy.  And people generally did not know how to properly form a line.  The venue, having poor ventilation, did not ease everyone’s sacrifice as we waited for the line to move and get to our seats.

It also didn’t make matters easier that there was no damn signal in the place so I couldn’t even tweet, check my mail, and what-not.  I couldn’t even freaking text my sister (who, at that point was eating dinner).   What I ended up doing to pass time was to write everything that was happening (in chronological order, with intervals) while waiting for the show to start and as the actual Idol concert was happening on my phone’s Note application…which resulted to the images that you see in this post.

One of my notes. Trying to entertain myself while in line made me write these stuff…Haha…

My mom, aunt, cousin, and I had to ride the shuttle from Lucena to Araneta Coliseum just to watch the concert.  We left Lucena a couple of minutes after lunch expecting to make it there just before they started to let people line up and get inside.

The commute to Araneta was a long one, though not entirely boring as I did bring with me my Vita and 3DS knowing what a pain traveling without having anything to entertain you would be.  Thanks to that, I managed to get to the third world in Kingdom Hearts Drop Dream Distance (Prankster’s Paradise) with all of the treasure chests from the previous worlds opened (aiming for the achievement and the secret ending).

Unfortunately, what was supposed to be a three-hours-at-best ride from Lucena to Araneta, turned into four hours as our shuttle stopped at every possible town it could.  This didn’t help please the others who were on board the same vehicle as us.  By the time we got to Manila, my sister (Mara.  Abby, once again, for the second time, couldn’t come with us because she had a duty and couldn’t be excused) had called me asking for us to “hurry up” and get to the venue since people were already lining up and they couldn’t get in because we (my mom, actually) had everyone’s tickets.

We didn’t hail a cab and rode off to Araneta, however.  We chose to walk there, which was a good decision considering how much of a heavy traffic the Idol Tour was giving. It didn’t seem like we walked for an hour, but, apparently we did.  And, once at Araneta, we met up with my dad and Mara and we fell in line (with the exception of Mara, my aunt, and my cousin who all opted to eat something before the show started).

Yes, I am starting to get pissed off by the time I was writing these things on my note app. You can’t blame me, though.

Now, just because we were inside the building didn’t mean we could take our seats.  Oh, no.  We had to wait for an entirely long time, in line, with no decent ventilation (not even a freaking fan) making everyone sweaty, cranky, thirsty, and tired.

They let us up the flight of stairs (where the first lines were) by the time 6:10pm rolled up.  There were a lot of pushing and shoving and a lot of curses.  Two ******* actually ribbed me trying to overtake the line.  Luckily, the dude overseeing said line caught them and asked them to go back and line up properly.  Not only that but they were also caught trying to get cameras inside the venue (which, wasn’t allowed) and thus had to go all the way back and deposit said items.  Karma.  Ha!

A quarter before seven, I was beginning to wonder why the hell I wanted to go there in the first place, especially when there were no drinks around, it was hot, and it was taking too freaking long just to get inside (we were still lined up, by that time).
When seven o’clock finally rolled in, I was all out of patience and I was pretty much tired.  A minute later, the doors were finally opened and we were allowed inside to grab a seat for our selves.  Still, the show didn’t start until 8:45 PM, since the organizers were all still waiting for those so-called VIP people.  Seriously, they should be the ones there on time.  It’s kind of rude to make everyone else wait just for a couple of people.  There were already thousands of people in attendance and we had to wait forty more minutes after the designated time for the show to start all because a hundred of people decided to make themselves feel important.
The show opened up with the opening video montage showcasing the Top 10, followed by the group song (minus P2).  After that, Erika rocked the stage with two songs that showed just how much talent she has and why she shouldn’t have been voted off so early in the show.  She belted out the song that set the crowd roaring in approval.  It was AMAZING!  She was amazing!
Heejun Han took the stage after Erika and, although we could barely understand what he was singing (he sounded like he was singing in Korean), Heejun proved that he deserved a spot on the show and showed us all that he could entertain people with his crazy antics and dance moves.  Sadly, Heejun didn’t crack any jokes.  He did called out “Mahal ko kayo!” to the audience, to which everyone screamed the words right back at him.
Elise Testone followed after Heejun, showing everyone what her fans already knew: she had one heck of an amazing voice.  Her sultry voice made her song numbers an easy crowd favorite.  The way the crowd reacted was proof that Elise has a strong fan base–made even stronger with how she performed her two songs (I was already a fan, but I became a fan anew).  If Elise decides to have a concert here in the Philippines again, I would–without a doubt–watch her concert.

Between watching the show and typing my thoughts, I’m actually surprised at myself that I did manage to type actual words and not just random letters the whole time! 😀

If there was one guy who could bring the house down without trying very much (although he did give his best, which made it even more EPIC), that guy would have to be Colton Dixon.  It was actually a no-brainer when he came out and the whole of Araneta just exploded in cheers and screaming fan-girls (us included), dudes, and people in-between.  I have no idea if Colton expected such a welcome for him, but I’m sure he felt good about it.
Colton sang three songs, one of which was the new single that he said would be out four days from now (September 25?), the other his hit rendition of “Piano Man”–one of my all-time favorite performance from him.
After Colton’s number, came another group performance.  This time, they decided to please the general, younger and teenage audience crowd with a song from One Direction.  If Abby had been with us watching the concert, I’m pretty certain she would have been ecstatic by it.  Having said that (and I am pretty sure a lot of 1D fans will hate me for this but…), I think Idols did a much better version than 1D did. *hides from overly obsessed teenage 1D fans*
After the One Direction song, Ryan Seacrest announced (via a recording) that that concludes the first half of the show.  An intermission break (which took 40 or so minutes) followed.
After the intermission, Jessica opened up the second part of the show which set the crowd into a frenzy.  Let’s be honest, everyone came down Araneta that day to watch Jessica Sanchez.  I mean, compared to last year, there were a heck of a lot more older people and, upon interviewing a couple of them, they all agreed that Jessica was the sole reason they forked out money to buy the tickets for the show.
Did Jessica Sanchez deliver?  So-so.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m a fan of hers and she really does have an amazing set of pipes.  When she sings, it’s just amazing and she did rock out especially with that number she had with Joshua and Deandre where the two guys were doing her backup vocals and dance (who knew they could move like that?!), but everyone was expecting more out of her.
She didn’t sing her single (Change Nothing).  She didn’t even belt out the songs that made everyone a fan (I Will Always Love You, And I Am Telling You (You’re Gonna Love Me), Dance With My Father Again).  She didn’t choose any of those songs that was sure to give the entire building goosebumps.  That was a downer on my opinion since I wanted to be blown away by her performing those songs with big vocals.  I’m not sure who’s to blame for the lackluster (sorry!) song choices she had on the concert, but I suppose the organizers didn’t want Jessica out-staging Philip.

At this point I was typing as fast as I could. haha

Hollie took the stage after Jessica.  I have to say, Hollie is so pretty!  She looked like a doll and she sounded better than how she was on TV.  I was a fan of her, and I still am after her performances which were stellar.  She even rocked out one of Demi’s songs proving that Jessica Sanchez isn’t the only one who can belt out notes like that.  Did the crowd love her?  Heck yeah they did!

But, I would have to say, the biggest goosebump-worthy performance on the Areneta stage that night goes to Joshua Ledet.  I always wondered why the judges gave him so many standing ovations, now I know why.  He.  Is.  Amazing!!!  Epic!!!  Unbelievable!!!!  Gosh,  he killed his song numbers so bad anyone who would try to sing those songs would be nothing compared to him.
And then he and Jessica did a duet together that only made me wonder why the heck America couldn’t have given us these two as the Final Two in the competition?  It would have been one heck of an epic showdown, which they proved when they sang their number together.
By 10:33 in the evening, the crowd erupted in the fourth loudest cheer as Philip finally walked out of the stage and performed his song “Home”.  Everyone sang along (including me).  I still reiterate how long the instrumentals are on this song (longer than the actual time the song had lyrics on them).
After singing his single, the American Idol sang a duet with Elise (Somebody That I Used to Know)–which is one of the duets I enjoyed during the eleventh season of American Idol.  And then P2 talked with the audience (had a one-sided conversation, actually) where I had no idea what the hell he was saying.  He sounded like he was shouting but at the same time murmuring his words.  It’s either everyone else understood what he said or just cheered him on.
Jessica joined Phillip on stage after that as his background vocals for the Volcano song.

The last leg of my notes for the Idol Tour 2012. I had a blast!!

10:54 PM, the Top 10 performed their final group number where they coaxed the crowd to stand up and dance as they sang.  It was an explosive number, one that I enjoyed, sang, and danced to.  Five minutes after eleven, the American Idol Tour 2012 officially came to a close with the crowd wanting more but not being given an encore.

To say that I had fun despite the hell we had to go through just to watch the concert, would be an understatement.  I was thoroughly entertained and I more than enjoyed the show everyone worked so hard to give their Filipino fans.
Would I be watching any of them should they decide to hold a concert here again?  Definitely.  Especially if it’s Joshua, Colton, Elise, Erika, Hollie, Jessica…heck, I’d even go watch Phillip’s concert (though that would be a fifty-fifty thing).
Would I be watching again next year (American Idol Tour 2013)?  Probably not.  I don’ t think I would be watching the new season of Idol either thanks to the lineup of judges they had decided to go with.  So, this being the last Idol tour I will be watching, I don’t think I have any regrets about that.

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