Never Gone

Christian music is alive, well, and strong with Colton Dixon with his first single now out on iTunes, “Never Gone”.

For someone like Colton to choose to make and release positive songs and to give his talent and his time all for God, it’s amazing and inspiring.  If there has ever been a doubt of God using Colton Dixon, speaking through his music, I think those doubts had just been cast aside.

“Never Gone” is an inspiring song with a powerful reminder that even in our darkest times, when the world seemed to weigh down on us and we feel alone, we are never really alone.  God had never abandoned us.  He will never abandon us.

His first single got me excited for the full album–which I would definitely buy.  If this is a preview of what is waiting for us in that album, if this is really the direction Colton Dixon aims to walk on, then I am certain that he will be among the ranks of Matthew West, Robert Pierre, Hillsongs, Avalon, Point of Grace, Amy Grant, Mandisa, and even Toby Mac.

Below is the official lyric video for this awesome song.

Keep on singing, Colton!  And may your music forever inspire those who hear it!

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