Month: November 2012

Endlessia Reboot

Ah, how many times have I made a post about the reboot of this Role-Playing Game I am developing?  I have actually lost count of that.  Three times?  Four?  Well, there are a couple of reasons why I end up

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Beautiful Creatures Official Trailer #2

I am pretty confident in saying that I am not the only one who’s stoked about the upcoming Beautiful Creatures movie.  And, well, seeing the newest trailer for the movie (which you can watch below (and I suggest you do watch it)), the

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Breaking Dawn, Part Two

[Note: This was written a couple of minutes after watching the movie.  I’ll try not to post any spoilers.  Also, my mind was a bit muddled with the awesomeness of it all that well, parts of this post may not make any

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PS Vita Firmware 2.0

Sony had announced that firmware 2.0 for the Vita will be coming this 19th of November.  Along with that update is the PlayStation Plus availability for the PS Vita–a much anticipated and requested feature (among a bunch others) which was

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My Christmas 2012 Wishlist

Ah, November…I really like this month (at least, this year) as much as I like the month of December.  For one, it’s the month of awesome releases (most of which I managed to snag copies of), it’s is also the month

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