Breaking Dawn, Part Two

[Note: This was written a couple of minutes after watching the movie.  I’ll try not to post any spoilers.  Also, my mind was a bit muddled with the awesomeness of it all that well, parts of this post may not make any sense. :D]

Let me begin by saying this: THAT was mother fu**ing brilliant!!  Holy crap!!!

I am still elated with how they ended the Twilight Saga.  Whoever came up with THAT part in the movie is bloody brilliant!  You gave everyone watching a freaking heartattack.  I mean, the entire cinema was at a shock throughout that whole 15-minute (more or less) scene right by the end of the movie.  If there were any Twihards watching in that cinema, they would’ve screamed hysterically with tears streaming down their eyes.  To those who have already seen the movie, you guys know what I am talking about.  By the gods, I could think of nothing now but how they played with the audience like that.  Genius!  Absolutely.  Genius!!

I had no idea, when I woke up yesterday thinking that it was just going to be another day, that my dad would be surprising me with two block screening tickets to the Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Part 2 movie.  To say that I was not expecting that would be akin to saying that rocks are hard.  It’s like stating the obvious.  With the tickets, my mom and I went on and watched the finale to an amazing saga that took the world by storm.

The movie stepped up to the plate and turned that plate into a bowl of pure awesomeness with unexpected twists and ingenuity surpassing the previous movies.  Granted, there were boring parts in the movie and there weren’t that many comedic parts (though that is to be expected).

Regardless of what critics may say (about the movie, the script, the actors (Kristen Stewart in particular)) I couldn’t really care about it.  I’ve read the books myself (more than once) and, believe me, they did a hell of a lot better job than what that sorry excuse for a Percy Jackson movie did.  Heck, I’m even willing to say that the Kristen Stewart’s acting was leagues better than the entire cast of that (Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief) movie.  And, yes.  I am still sour about what they did with one of my favorite book series.

What made the experience and the move more entertaining where the people who were watching with us.  They expressed their emotions as the movie progressed and didn’t just watched like zombies devoid of any feelings.  When the film showed something funny, they laughed.  When it showed one scene after another that was horrifying and stunning, they didn’t fail to show just how horrified, shocked, stunned, and in a state of disbelief they were.  It was awesome!

The cinema also didn’t effed up as it did the last time we watched a movie there (Amazing Spider-Man, with the sound muted.  That was the worst movie experience I ever had in that cinema).  Plus, the audio and video quality were great, considering that we were watching the movie in the big screen and not at home on DVD or BluRay.

I won’t spoil anything for those who have yet to watch the movie but I just want to tell you all that you will all be blown away.  I’ve had expectations for that movie and they did more than meet those expectations.  They did more.  Whether or not there will be a next Twilight book or movie (Ms. Meyer seems open to the possibility that this is not really the end of the franchise), well, one can only speculate.

So, yeah.  I enjoyed the movie a lot.  Is it worth watching?  Hell, yeah!  I even told my mom and dad that I’m going to watch it again, just because it was super awesome.  And thanks to what they did near the end of the movie, I’m even going to go and buy the entire Twilight Saga movie collection (once Breaking Dawn, Part 2 comes out in BluRay).

A note to those who’re going to watch it, stick till the end of the credits.  We didn’t get to watch it because they cut the credit roll short during the block screening but there’s supposed to be something special at the end of the credits.

Until the next post, dream on; fly on!

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