Endlessia Reboot

Ah, how many times have I made a post about the reboot of this Role-Playing Game I am developing?  I have actually lost count of that.  Three times?  Four?  Well, there are a couple of reasons why I end up having to reboot it.  For this particular reboot, I have a three that I will list in this post.



When I first started planning and developing for Chronicles of Endlessia, I made a decision to have it as a traditional 2D videogame for the PC.  The second and third time I rebooted, it was to be able to port it to the PSP and the DS.  Now, with the release of the PlayStation Mobile’s SDK, I figured, why not?  Hopefully this will be the final time I decide to reboot this project.  So, just to clarify, CoE will (hopefully) be released for the PC and made available for the PlayStation Mobile (PSM) and PlayStation Store (PSM and PS Store will probably take a while.  Like, after I release the PC version).



I have so many ideas on what the characters would look like and, it’s either I have OCD when it comes to drawing these characters but I end up changing their appearances from time to time…which frustrates me.  But, I can’t help it.  It seems like I am still trying to find the perfect design for the heroes and the villains of the story.  Granted, the game is in 2D so it’s not really that hard but it is time consuming and I have the patience of a cat when it comes to making graphics.


Game Features

The original plan was to have a Sideview battle system akin to the first Final Fantasy games.  However, I later decided to just give the frontview battle system a try.  For those not familiar with it, it’s similar to the SMT and Dragon Quest battle systems.  Having said that, there are issues that come around in each reboot that I have a hard time deciding which features to implement and which to drop.  Right now, I have decided to keep the game simple.  After all, this is just my first video game and I want gamers to focus more on the story and the characters.


So, there you have it.  My Top 3 reasons for rebooting this game which has long been overdue.  I’m going to try to release a Demo sometime before the year ends, if I can.  I can’t make any promises though since, as you guys know, I am also working on my second (and starting to work on my third as well) book for the Winged Saga.

Anyways, I’ll post more news when it comes (and probably a screenshot of the game, or two).  Until the next post, dream on; fly on!


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