Month: January 2013

Winged, Book 2 Update

After spending two days trying to choose the perfect cover for the much-anticipated sequel to Winged: The Awakening, we finally came to a consensus as to which of the covers to use.  It was a tough decision, believe me.  If possible, I

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The Winged Announcement

On the 10th of December last year (2012), I made an announcement of an announcement (haha) through a blog post here at SnK. I promised in that short-length post that I will be revealing the much-anticipated title of the second

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A Small Update

I can’t help but look at the number of posts I’ve made for this month (which is just about half-way through) and give myself a facepalm.  Not the best way to start the year (at least, when it comes to

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Delayed “2013 Plans” Post

The new year has rolled in and I find myself delayed at posting stuff.  Haha.  Though I didn’t plan on these delays (even though I should’ve taken into consideration that there was a very high chance that I would be delayed),

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