The Winged Announcement

On the 10th of December last year (2012), I made an announcement of an announcement (haha) through a blog post here at SnK.

I promised in that short-length post that I will be revealing the much-anticipated title of the second book plus a couple of information regarding it.  Although I would love, more than anything, to also include the cover and the synopsis that would go along with the book, I cannot do so at the moment (there will be another countdown for that.  I’m a fan of countdowns, it seems. XD).

So, the question I’ve been getting from people who have bought and read the book is: “What’s the title of the second book?  When’s it going to come out?”

Today I’m going to unveil the answer to those two frequently asked questions.

First up, the title.

When the first book entered the final editing phase way back early in 2011, I’ve already decided on a title for the second book.  However, when I’ve actually begun to write the sequel to Winged: The Awakeningit became apparent that the title I picked for it wouldn’t work.

While I was writing, and up until I finished, the second book, the entire document was labelled, “Winged: The Untitled”.  It was only when I had reread and began cutting a couple of things off of the book that I finally figured out what the sequel was going to be called.  And that is… *drumroll*

Winged Book 2, Title

Yep.  The second book is entitled: Winged, Book 2: The Unraveling.

So, when’s it going to be out?  Probably around June or July, which is what our target release month is (at the earliest) in the US.  When the book would actually be made available here in the Philippines, well, I honestly do not know as that depends largely on National Bookstore.

Although I am not at liberty yet to say much about this book, I’m going to enumerate some points here, in this post, about the things (a few of them) that I can talk about.

  • The sequel is set weeks later, after the end of the first book.
  • Like the prequel,  Winged: The Unraveling is narrated by the two main protagonists of the story: Siegfried and Freya.
  • Yes, there will still be “flashback” chapter(s).  One, in particular, plays a very important role in the story.
  • A couple of unanswered questions and mysteries from the first book will be answered here but there will still be some things left for the readers to ponder on.
  • This book is a bit longer than the first and is a lot more action-packed.

Ah, I can’t say anything more beyond that point.  You guys would have to wait for a couple more weeks for the cover reveal and to get the actual summary that will be found at the back of the book.

That’s all for today.  I hope you guys are as hyped as I am about this second book!  I can tell you right now, if you loved the first book (and judging from the stuff people who’ve read them had told me, they did), you’re going to love, love, love the second one!

Until the next update!
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