10 Things You Should Know About Winged, Book 2

With the US and UK release month for the second book of Winged creeping up slowly, a lot of readers have already been asking questions about the upcoming sequel.  To make things easier, and to give you guys something to think about, I decided to compile this list of ten things you should know about the second book of the Winged Saga.


  1. The sequel is called “Winged: the Unraveling”.  I know I’ve already said that before but there are some people who are still asking me what the title for the second book would be.  Either they failed to see the post about it or didn’t bother to read it, I really don’t know the reason.  But, yes.  “Winged: The Unraveling” is the title.
  2. The sequel will be released in the US and UK on July 2013.  I have also repeatedly stated this.  Although the exact date is still up in the air, the only guarantee that I could give is that it will be released sometime in July 2013.  Should we run into any delays (which I sincerely hope we don’t), then and only then will it be pushed back to early or late August.  What I am certain of is that regardless of when the exact release date would be (and I will announce that when we are one-hundred-percent sure of it), the UK release date would be a week or two after that.
  3. Both Gabriel and Freya will be narrating the sequel.  In the first book (and I am free to say this since this isn’t a spoiler or anything like that), Freya is only given two-and-a-half chapters where she is the one narrating the events that transpired.  In the sequel, I had given her a couple more chapters than that.  Of course, a majority of the events in the second book is still narrated by the main protagonist, Gabriel.
  4. One of the locations where the book takes place is in Moonvale.  I can’t really say much about this since I may end up spoiling something (and I don’t want that to happen), but…yeah, Moonvale is one of the locations where a great deal of the story will take place.  It isn’t the only place, though.  That’s all I can say about that.
  5. “Winged: The Unraveling” takes place shortly after the events of “Winged: The Awakening”.  This one isn’t really that big of a deal to share, although I did skip ahead a couple of weeks after the end of the first book skipping through the events that occurred while Gabriel, Freya, and Paki are on the run (I did provide a quick rundown of those events at the start of the second book).
  6. Revelations.  Lots and lots of revelations.  The second book will deal with answering a couple of questions and mysteries that the first book in the series left readers with.  It will not answer all of them, though (after all, there’s still the third and fourth books coming your way).  What those questions and mysteries are, well, you guys would have to wait for the book to come out and read it from there to find out (because, honestly, I am afraid that once I start talking about what they are, I will end up spoiling everyone, hahaha).
  7. The Revenants, The Generals, and the Conclave.  Well, those of you who have read the first book already know what the Conclave is, but who (or what) are the Revenants and the Generals?  Well, I can’ tell you guys yet.  What I can say is that they all play a major role in the events that will transpire in the second book (and onward).  Here’s a hint, though.  Readers have already met one of the Generals. 😉
  8. “Winged: The Unraveling” is longer than “The Awakening”.  I may already have stated this before but, yep, that’s the deal.  The sequel is a lot longer than the first book.  It is a lot more action-packed and fast-paced as well.  And, well, that’s as much as I could say about the length and pacing of the book.  Of course, as I have mentioned above, it has a lot of revelations in-stored and a lot of surprises as well.
  9. The sequel will tell the story of what exactly happened on that fateful night.  “That fateful night” that I am referring to here is something that those who read the book would know about (not going to spoil it for those who haven’t).  I know I’ve given a bit of a glimpse to as what transpired during that scene but, in this book, a lot more are revealed and explained.  And the chapter that tells that story extends to what happened after it.
  10. The book cover is amazing.  Okay, maybe this last one is just to tease you guys.  But, it really is.  And I am so excited to let everyone else see it, too.  You guys will still have to wait until the 14th 22nd of February, though. Haha, no early sneak peeks.  It will be worth the wait.  I promise!

And, that’s that…Unless you guys have something to ask.  Provided that it doesn’t spoil anything, I think I can answer any of your questions (related to the Winged Saga).  So, if you have some, post on the comments below or tweet it to me.   You can also post via the Official Facebook Global Fanpage.  I’ll edit this post if any questions do pop up.

So, until then…dream on; fly on!

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