Imaji: A Realm Reborn Characters, Part One

As you guys may have read from a previous post, I am working on a videogame project during my “spare” time (I’m using the word “spare” lightly here, by the way).  I’m still on the early designs of the project, but I have (finally) gotten the characters down.  Well, most of them anyway.  I’m going to be posting the sprites (character graphics, avatars, whatever you want to call them) of the characters here, little by little.  At least, the characters that will be available (or are important to the story) on the first release of the game.

For the first part of this series of posts, I will unveil some characters from the Kingdom of Imaji.  So, let’s begin, shall we?


PrinceActor-royalgarment Ah, would you look at that cute little gif?  Took me a while to make this little guy.  I did a pretty nifty job, if I do say so myself.  Anyways, this is the Prince of Imaji and the character you will be controlling (should you decide to download and try-out my game).  His official name is Prince Foleon but, in the game, you can name him whatever you want…just don’t name him something stupid and/or offending.




The second character that you will be frequently speaking to (and being bossed around) is Melcrose.  Melcrose is the Prince’s friend and his most-trusted adviser.  He is the only other person, apart from the young prince that escaped the palace during the siege.  Melcrose is a valuable asset in Foleon’s efforts to reclaim the lost kingdom.  He is in-charge of the rebuilding efforts and will be the one you would want to talk to if–and when–you want to expand your land.



KnightCommanderKurtOne of the very first people to come to the prince’s aid is Kurt, the Commander of the Knights.  He, along with his fellow knights, were the reason why the monsters the Masked Man had sent to capture Foleon failed to do so. Kurt is the one in-charge with the quests.  If you want to attack a monster hideout, he is the one you would want to talk to.  He is also the go-to-person when you want to turn your citizens into knights (for a fee and an additional training, of course).



KingDurandalAnd then, we have the King of Imaji himself.  Although he doesn’t get much (if any) screen time during the game, I can’t really not add him here since, well, he’s an important character.  After all, searching for what became of his father is one of Prince Foleon’s reasons for fighting the Masked Man that attacked Imaji and turned it into a dark realm.  The King’s name is Durandal and you can learn what happened to him (Is he alive?  Or is he dead?) as the story progresses.



Anyways, that’s all the characters I have for now.  On the next update, I’ll be featuring the other characters that will be helping the young Prince of Imaji in his quest to reclaim his kingdom…and I’ll probably throw in the game’s logo…if I finish it in time.  Also, credit goes to Usui for the sprites I used for Melcrose, Kurt, and King Durandal.

So, until then, dream on; fly on!

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