The Unraveling Cover, Unveiled!

I am thrilled to announce–after weeks worth of delays–that everything is set for Winged: The Unraveling‘s July release date.  But, before we find out what happens next in Gabriel and Freya’s story, I would like to fulfill the promise of letting you guys have a peek at the cover for the sequel.  Not only that, but you guys will get to read the book’s summary.

I know a lot of y’all are probably thinking “Finally!”.  I feel the same way.  Despite pushing for an earlier release and hoping to share this earlier, a lot of things happened which caused the delay.   So, really, I apologize.

Having said that…here it is, dear readers, the sequel: Winged: The Unraveling.


cover Out of the frying pan, and into the fire.

When they slipped out of Everheights, Gabriel, Freya, and Paki thought the Dark Ones would not be able find them.  They were wrong.  As the magic which had been protecting Freya begun to unravel, they found themselves in one life-threatening situation after another.

Their troubles only worsened when they arrived at the Conclave in Moonvale and learned that–not only were their identities as Siegfried and Lucia no longer a secret–there was a new threat in town: The Revenants.

With the Council forcing Freya to use her powers to destroy The Revenants, and with Gabriel struggling to control his own powers, the angel and her Nephilim Guardian must uncover the truth before time runs out.  Should they fail, they may not only lose themselves and each other, but also their lives.


And there you have it.

The synopsis for the second book and, of course, the much anticipated cover reveal.

Only a few months left before the book is released so, readers, hang on tight.  Who knows?  Maybe a teaser trailer is just around the corner.

Until the next post!

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