First Female Idol in 5 Years!

I must admit, when the guys of American Idol’s season 12 started being eliminated one by one–like flies dropping on the floor–I knew that the excitement of whether or not this would be the year a girl takes back the American Idol crown was going to be over in a flash. After all, a girl will definitely win if there are only five girls left.

Honestly, it felt like America wasn’t given much of a choice. I’m not saying the guys this year aren’t good singers, most of them are. But you have got to admit that there were plenty more great ones the four judges of the show decided to pass up.

Of course, it isn’t a secret that the producers wanted a girl to win. So, yeah, it’s easy to predict that a girl was going to win. Conspiracy theories or not, it all just seemed inevitable the way they kept on using the whole “Will-this-be-the-year-a-girl-wins-on-Idol” theme.

To be honest, I was happy when Kree and Candice ended up as the Top 2 finalist. I love both of their voices. I love how Kree’s voice is soft, smooth, and velvety. The kind of voice that reminds me of Carrie Underwood. I love how Candice’s voice is powerful, it makes you stop what you’re doing and listen to the emotion she puts into the songs she sings. I love them both and before the winner was announced, I was happy for these two very talented people. They’re going to be big, whether they win or not.

And then, a couple of hours ago, Candice won the title. The first female American Idol in five, freaking, years. It was a long time coming, and Candice deserves that win.

I have to admit, seeing her win made me teary eyed. As she was singing her winning single, “I am Beautiful“, I couldn’t help feeling the emotion–or, at least what she must feel–winning after three years of trying her best. Of not giving up on her dreams.

Her single was beautiful. It was touching. And I believed every word of it. I felt connected to it. It was meaningful and I even think it could pass as a worship song. And I believe it is.

I can’t wait for her album to come out. Which would (surprisingly) be on the 16th of July. iTunes are already taking pre-orders of Music Speaks, Candice Glover’s debut album.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m buying that album. And Kree’s album too, when it comes out.

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