Weighing in on ‘The Voice of the Philippines’

Let’s face it, when the Idol brand got its Philippine spin-off–which was later followed by a bunch of other Reality TV spin-offs including the ‘Got Talent’ franchise and ‘The X-Factor’–I was pretty sure a local edition of ‘The Voice’ was going to come next, especially with how high the ratings were for its American counterpart.

Like anybody else who’s also a fan of the show, I was curious and a bit excited. I wondered how the Philippine edition would do, compared to the others. I’ve waited for ABS-CBN to air it. I have watched them hype about it.

So, naturally, I was ready and waiting when nine o’clock rolled in tonight. Unlike how AXN and other channels did it with their reality TV shows, ABS-CBN started on the wrong foot–something I noticed immediately. They aired the show a bit later than their announced 9 PM airing. That’s not good. Not when you’ve got people hyped about it.

After being given a run-down on how the show was going to progress (explanations about how the blind auditions and the battles would work and a little bit about the voting), and being introduced to four amazing talents that had been given the task to coach (Ms. Lea Salonga, Apl D. Ap, Sarah G., and Bamboo), the blind auditions were underway.

Now, I won’t go into detail about who auditioned and what song they sung, who they chose as their coach, or how I think Bamboo made a wrong pick, and all that stuff. I’m not into details like that, what I will say here is how the show was.

I don’t really know what I was expecting, but I sure as heck wasn’t expecting the multitudes of commercials-slash-advertisements we were bombarded with. Like what I had posted on Twitter, the show went with a one contestant equals dozens of commercials. It was crazy. And stupid. And it kind of threw the momentum of the show out.

When you’re airing shows like this–especially when it’s the pilot episode and when you’re already late with the airing–I think it would be best to at least wait a while longer than that to have a commercial break. It was frustrating to watch. And I believe I wasn’t the only one who felt that way. I mean, I understand that the franchise must’ve cost a lot and ABS-CBN needs to get the money back through these advertisements, but come on!

Another thing I noticed–although this is kind of a given since the show has only just begun–was how the set looked. It wasn’t as cool as how the The Voice (US) had it, but it did have the turning chairs and the buttons, and that huge statue of the hand holding a microphone. I’m not going to say how the coaches lacked the same chemistry Adam and Blake had, it’s just the pilot after all (I’ll reserve that judgement at the Finale).

Over-all, the show isn’t bad…but it’s definitely not great either. A lot of things could be improved. The constructive criticism (or the lack thereof) and an interesting exchange, is among some of them. There’s also the issue of how different the international versions of the Voice sounds compared to our local edition. But, topping that list should be the commercials. Really. It’s like the commercials are longer than the actual show–which is not good!

Anyways, here’s to hoping tomorrow’s episode will be a whole lot better experience…otherwise, I can’t say I would be able to sit long enough to endure all those damn commercials just to watch the finale of that show.

Until the next post, dream on; fly on!

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