Month: July 2013

Turning Android Phones to Wi-Fi Hotspots

Acquiring an internet connection whenever I am out of the house has always been one of my pet peeves.  Well, maybe not always.  There was a time, after all, when mobile internet connections and wi-fi hotspots were non-existent.  Of course, even

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Intel Anti-Theft, A Big No-No

So, I got myself a new laptop with the money I earned from designing websites.  It’s a pretty sweet, slick, and cool Ultrabook from Asus.  And, it’s touchscreen to boot!  It was pretty awesome and I was pretty excited to

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Minions Rule, Dominates Despicable Me Sequel!

It wasn’t a secret how much I have been anxiously anticipating Despicable Me 2, after all, I was the first to announce the awesome news of a sequel to my sisters.  I was practically grinning from ear to ear and

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