Minions Rule, Dominates Despicable Me Sequel!

It wasn’t a secret how much I have been anxiously anticipating Despicable Me 2, after all, I was the first to announce the awesome news of a sequel to my sisters.  I was practically grinning from ear to ear and jumping with joy (not to mention singing what I knew of the lyrics to the “Banana Song”) when word got out.

Finally! It’s here!!

There weren’t any complexities in the plot of the movie.  There were only 2 (at most) twist to it.  So, what made the Despicable Me 2 movie tick?  What made it a successful movie that endeared many?

“Bee-Bo-Beee-Bo”. The craziness never stops when it comes to Gru’s Minions.

For one, I think it’s the simplicity of it.  It was such a simple, family-friendly movie that anyone could relate to.  The second reason is the cast.  It had a bunch of colorful characters ranging from the once-evil-genius Gru, to the sweet and lovable,unicorn-loving Agnes, the tomboyish Margo, the responsible Edith, the quirky and hyper-energetic Lucy Wilde, the mysterious evil villain turning cute and cuddly creatures into raving wild beasts of monstrous appetites (I am not going to reveal who that is since there might be people reading who haven’t watched the movie yet and don’t want to get spoiled by accidentally reading that here), the eccentric old “evil” scientist Dr. Nefario, and…the Minions.


Of course. it wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to also realize who it was the moviegoers really came to see–the Minions.  These pint-sized helpers–each having their own names (just how on earth can Gru and his family identify who is who) and personalities–stole the show from beginning to end.  From when the two Minions–probably Dave and Jerry, or Kevin–were singing and then ended up shoving each other, up to the whole The Minions Movie audition shown during the credit roll (I seriously hope you guys stayed behind during the credits to see that one), the people who were with us at the cinema were laughing at the crazy antics these crazy yet innocent, yellow, banana-brained, ice-cream-loving, fun-loving, pranksters and  side-kicks were doing.  They brought mad fun to the entire movie.

See that blondie on the left? Don’t tell she didn’t remind you a tiny bit about Nikki Minaj.

The predictability of some parts of the movie did not diminish the awesomeness of the film.  Not one bit.  It was fun to watch and it reached out, not just to one demographic but to everyone.  It had action.  It was suspenseful at times.  It had light drama mixed into it, along with romance and adventure.  There was even horror in it…well, kinda with the Evil Minions and all.  They didn’t even try hard with the comedy–making it light and simple–and yet it was still one heck of a funny movie.  I mean, you just need to look at the character’s expressions (especially the Minions) and you wouldn’t keep yourself from laughing at how silly they are.  Gru’s snappy and witty comments, the way he would end up dancing, and that date scene he had with the character who looks strangely enough like Nikki Minaj was also hilarious.

It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, this movie is really for everyone who wants to be entertained by a movie–not dragged down by it.  I really suggest watching it on theaters if you can, while you can.

Of course, my only gripe is that I wish it was longer.  I wouldn’t mind a 3-hour Despicable Me movie (even though that is  far from becoming a reality, XD).  With Despicable Me 2 out now (and having watched it, though I wish I could watch it again, and again, and again, and…you get the picture), I am now setting my sights on 2014 for The Minion Movie, and I am pretty sure I am not the only one.


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  1. Richie Mohanty says:

    Apparently, there’s going to be a part three as well along with the Minions movie.

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    I read so many articles with poorly-written content that your article is very impressive. It’s good to know there are writers that can write well and make their points clear.

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