Turning Android Phones to Wi-Fi Hotspots

Acquiring an internet connection whenever I am out of the house has always been one of my pet peeves.  Well, maybe not always.  There was a time, after all, when mobile internet connections and wi-fi hotspots were non-existent.  Of course, even though we have a lot of establishments here in the city and across the country, the speed of these hotspots can pretty much turn into a crawl–one that would make snails look like Formula One race cars–especially when there are, literally, hundreds (okay, maybe that’s exaggerating things a bit) of people connecting to the internet at the same time.

That was why I had planned on buying a pocket wi-fi.  But the unit itself (when bought without a SIM to go with it–which is fine by me since I already have a broadband SIM) costs roughly around Php2349.00 to Php3100 depending on the make and model.  Of course, one can always try to purchase a pocket wi-fi from one of the three service providers available here in the Philippines: SMART, SUN, and GLOBE for a much lower (but still quite expensive) cost.

Since the pocket wi-fi units were quite expensive, I opted to buy one of those broadband internet sticks for a much lower price (starting price is around Php900 (SUN) to Php1200 (SMART)).  But just when I was about to pay for the Sun Broadband stick, I was told that the stick was encountering problems with Windows 8 operating systems, and so I had to cancel.  As for Smart’s Broadband stick, load needed for surfing was just too much compared to Sun (and besides, the whole point of buying the stick was so that I could use the unlimited Broadband SIM I already have, and that SIM is from Sun Cellular).  So, yeah…the stick-plan was thrown out of the window.

So, I thought to myself: Why don’t I just use my phone?  It has a tethering feature, and is dual-SIM capable so I can use it as a hotspot.  At first, I couldn’t get it to work.  But after some tinkering with my Alcatel One Touch Soleil phone, I finally got it to work.

I’m pretty sure the steps are similar to other android phones, but just in case someone needs help with this–and just in case I needed to set it up again on another android phone–I decided to write down the steps I took to turn my android phone into a wi-fi hotspot.

THE EASY WAY (Not entirely sure if this would work immediately for others, but it didn’t for me so I had to set things up manually. Do note that the labels might be different on some android phone models):

  1. Go to Settings.  Under the “Wireless and Networks”, click “More…”
  2. Select “Tethering & portable hotspot”
  3. Check “Portable Wi-Fi hotspot”

Now, if that simple three-step instruction did not work and you still can’t connect to the internet, then you might need to manually configure the Wi-Fi hotspot setup.  Below is how it’s done (or, at least, how I did it):

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Under “Wireless & Networks”, click “SIM Management” then “Data Connection.  Select the one has the Broadband SIM.
  3. Return to “Wireless & Networks”, click “More…” and then “Mobile Networks”.  Choose “3G Service” then turn on “Enable 3G service”.  Select the same SIM you chose in Step 2.

Yes, another three-step approach.  If that still doesn’t work, and you’re experiencing problems with your mobile connection, go to “Wireless & Networks”, click “Mobile Networks”, then “Network Mode”.  Tweak the settings there according to the network you are using.  For Globe Tattoo and Smart Bro subscribers, select “GSM/WCDMA auto”.  For Sun Broadband Wireless users such as myself, select “WCDMA only”.  That should get things up and running.

Honestly, I’m glad I managed to get it to work and saved money in the process.  I hope this could be of help and use to others who are trying to get their phones to work as wi-fi hotspots.  If you guys have any questions, feel free to post below.  I’ll try my best to help out!

Until the next update, dream on; fly on!

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7 comments on “Turning Android Phones to Wi-Fi Hotspots
  1. kevin says:

    does it require load? or does the service provider ask for money for it?

  2. Tel says:

    Hindi po ba mahina?

  3. denlen says:

    hi i need some help to my alcatel soleil i was activate my wifi hot spot because my friends wants to connect on my internet im already open my data connection they can connect he can connect but it doesn’t work i don’t know what to do

  4. vennet says:

    It took me hours to have my sun broadband sim work with my Alcatel one touch soleil! I researched and saw your article and it helped me big time! Thanks to your informative article, I too saved a coupla hundred bucks! Nice work!

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