Month: September 2013

A Quick Note

I’m so very exhausted, and it’s just the start of the day! SO many things to do and deadlines to meet.  Despite that, I am happy.  “The Nephilims of Everheights” is going smoothly (and so is Winged 3 (I am

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The 34th Manila International Book Fair

It only comes once every year. I had always wanted to come to such an event. I feel so happy and blessed to have been able to come this year, especially since I get to make new friends and meet

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Updating My Profile…Yeah, I Probably Should Do That

The thing about being constantly busy with a lot of things to do and so little time to do them is that you tend to forget about some of the things you would need to do.  Of course, that and the

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Winged: The Unraveling Sample Chapter Up

It’s been a very long time since there’s been an activity here on my blog and I know it’s been pretty quiet here lately, but I do hope this post will make up for it–along with the sneak peek for Winged:

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