Disney Infinity: First Impressions

I blame Queen Elsa and Princess Anna, and the movie Frozen, for ending up with a Disney Infinity Starter Pack purchase.

Well…that is not entirely true.  I had, actually, been contemplating about getting the game for the Sony PlayStation 3 system ever since I watched the game trailers.  After all, I have always been a sucker when it comes to games that requires one to use her/his imagination. Having said that, however, I had a brief foray with Minecraft, and a little bit of LittleBigPlanet streak a few years back.  I’ve stopped playing those two games now, though since I grew bored with them.  So, you can see why I was going back-and-forth on whether I should get a copy of this game or not.

In the end, however, after watching “Frozen” for a couple of times and liking–no, loving–everything about that animated movie, I decided that I wanted the Elsa and Anna figures that Disney Infinity was offering.  Of course, I felt stupid at buying just that so I thought, ‘What the heck.  I’ll buy a Disney Infinity Starter Pack, too.’.  And I did.  I have yet to regret the purchase since then.


First off, Disney Infinity isn’t just your average sandbox building game.  It’s more fun than that…and that’s coming from someone who is in her mid-twenties.

Developed by Avalanche Software and published by Disney Interactive Studios with a whopping $100 million funded into development, the game utilizes collectible figures in the form of select Disney characters to bring these characters–and their world–to life.  This figures synchronizes with the games and allow Disney and Pixar characters to go on pre-designed adventures, or adventures that you create for yourself.

disney-infinity-35It has physical toys (in the form of the figures), open-world sandbox action-adventure, and story-driven gameplay.  The pre-designed adventures, however, are from the PlaySets you can buy (one is part of the Starter Package featuring The Incredibles, Monsters University, and Pirates of the Caribbean).  Add that to the multitude of character figures currently out, and the powerdiscs that you can also buy, and this game is…perhaps…a parent’s nightmare.

Having said that, however, the good thing about this game is that the figures, playsets, and powerdiscs can be used on different systems where the game is available.  Not only that, it is backwards and forwards compatible as well.  Meaning, they can be used for the upcoming sequel and the sequels after that.  It is genius on the developer’s part, and something the Skylanders series failed to address.

Disney-Infinity-new-112313-1The gameplay itself isn’t just geared for children.  It’s made for everyone.  Although some in-game missions tend to be repetitive, it still manages to provide entertainment.  The sound can use a bit of work, too.  Sadly, I noticed that some of the original voice actors didn’t provide the voice overs for this game.  Although some of them do sound like the original, some are noticeably different which can irk you a bit…depending on how much of a fanatic you are.  (EDIT: I’ve been told by Mr. Thomas Estrada on the comments section below, that Kristin Bell and Idina Menzel DO reprise their role as Princess Anna and Queen Elsa for the game.  That.  Is.  Just.  Awesome!)  As for the graphics, well, it’s sort of right there in the middle.  Not too shabby, but not the best either.  The characters, the world, and everything in-between DO look straight from the movies they are from, though.  I’m merely stating this from the next-gen’s (which is now current-gen (PS4 and XBOne) perspective.

The game also provides online/multiplayer modes where you can visit a friend’s toybox.  The toybox is the place where you can build your own “world”, your own adventure, and where the figures who do not have playsets of their own can be used.

DisneyInfinityE3screen4Although there are still some quirks Disney Infinity could fix, the game itself is a fun addition to any videogame library, especially if you have children or young cousins who come over to your house from time to time to play.  I’d recommend this game for anyone who wants to build their own Disney “World”, play with their favorite Disney and Pixar characters, and those who simply enjoy videogames that strengthens ones imagination.

It’s impossible NOT to have fun with this game.  I never got bored with it during the times I can play it (which is right after I have done my quota of chapters to write for my novel).  Lots of things to do.  And with the figures, the powerdiscs, and the playsets that are available, it really does provide an infinite amount of possibilities.  Add the multiplayer functionality and, well…Infinity sounds just about right.

Disney Infinity is available for the PC, XBOX 360, Wii, 3DS, and the PS3.


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2 comments on “Disney Infinity: First Impressions
  1. Thomas Estrada says:

    Thanks for a insightful review! Glad you’re enjoying the game. You’ll be happy to know both Idina Menzel and Kirsten Bell reprised their roles for Infinity!
    – Thomas Estrada, Avalanche animator

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