Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition A Quick Look

How many times have a videogame been ported from one console to another?  I can name quite a number of those ports that provided nothing more than a gamers ability to play it on something other than the first console/handheld (or vice-versa) it was intended for.

When word came out that the 2013 reboot of Tomb Raider was going to be ported over to the next-gen consoles, I didn’t know what to think.  On one hand, I loved the reboot. I’ve played it on my 360 and blazed through the game while knocking down the achievements along the way.  It wasn’t just the personification—the humanization—of iconic Lara Croft that captivated me.  It was the story and the characters as well.  To be able to play the game on my new console was a good thing for me, after all, at the moment, I only have a few number of PS4 titles, and all of them I have already finished and even platinum-ed (with the exception of NBA 2k14).

On the other side of the spectrum, I was a bit skeptical.  Despite loving the reboot, I wonder if it would be a good idea to purchase a game that I’ve already 100-percent finished.  What could this game possibly offer?  Would it be worth it?  I mean, I could just play it over again on my 360.

Even though I debated with myself, I did end up purchasing and even hyping about it when I saw the comparison between the last-gen version of the game and the current-gen.

As immersive as the last-gen version was, the current-gen version was even better.  The graphics alone surpassed the earlier release of the game as Lara was given a new model, and the other characters looked as though they have been enhanced as well.  The environment of the game—the Island of Yamatai—was even more alive than it was.  The fog actually looked like a fog.  The gloss of the skin, the way the shadows and even the water touched the skin of the characters looked impressive.

Gameplay-wise, it remained the same, with some of the bugs riddling the older version eliminated, or at least put into a minimum.  The use of the PS4 touchpad was also integrated, along with the use of the controller’s speaker…which, at times, surprises me whenever I forget about it, to the point where I wondered where the sound was coming from.

Using the torch also changes the color of the controller’s light…which, at first, I didn’t realize was because of the torch, and I ended up panicking and wondering if I had just butchered the controller (whilst praying that was not the case as this newest incarnation of the Dual Shock controller costs a lot).

I really have no qualms about the game, in-general…save for two things.

First is the length.  Even at the highest of difficulties, I breezed through the game and finished it in a couple of days (shorter if I didn’t have to go to work, or do other stuff).  There’s nothing wrong with the story, I enjoyed it…a lot.  It’s just…I wished it was longer.  And I wished there were other things we can do after we finished the game, like, more tombs to raid (this is ‘Tomb Raider’…raiding tombs is supposed to be a given).

Maybe in the sequel, we’ll get that…but, really, my attention span can only last for two-to-three playthroughs of a game (which, I noted, when I worked on getting a Platinum for the Mass Effect Trilogy).

My second issue is: Multiplayer.

Now, on the PS3, I enjoyed the addition of multiplayer.  It brings about a different kind of accomplishment when the system/console notifies you that you achieved a trophy from something you did while on multiplayer.  It’s also quite amusing, even when there are players raging about.

But I only felt exasperated with this game’s multiplayer.  It’s just like ACIV: Black Flag.  You need to be a Plus member to give it a go.  Unfortunately, I am not…at least, at the moment.  Which is such a bummer.  I mean, games in and of itself already costs quite a lot, and although the Plus membership is a very good deal, to fork up more in order to have the “complete experience” is just…kind of a downer.

I mean, can they not provide non-plus members, like, a week of free Multiplayer Access?  I know, I know…this is still a business, still…

Anyways, regardless of how I am unable to Platinum this stellar title at the moment, I’m still quite happy with the purchase.  If you haven’t played the earlier version of the reboot, this is a great buy!  If you have and want to experience the beginning of Lara Croft’s adventure once more, it’s not such a bad deal.  It really does stand to its name as being the “definitive” edition.  Borrow it, purchase it digitally, or obtain a physical copy.  Do whatever—except pirate it—just make sure you don’t pass this title up.

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