Naruto’s Conclusion!

“The long overdue road to their souls overlapping begins now”.  At least, that’s what the slogan for the final Naruto chapter states. And, true enough, it has been long overdue. So overdue, in fact, that it had taken bizarre twist and turns–mostly things you would come to expect from a manga such as this.

Truth be told, the ending–albeit kind of something those who read the manga looked forward to–was something of a downer; a disappointment. It seemed lacking.

Basically, the concluding chapter is a bit Sasuke-centric. Most of the dialogue shown in the first part of the concluding chapter (which can be read here) is all about Sasuke and how he has started to see the world differently, and have a little “faith” in what others can accomplish. The first part of the conclusion also shows Kakashi being the new Hokage, Sasuke getting pardoned because of Naruto and Kakashi’s influence, Neiji’s burial (with strong hints that Naruto is paired with Hinata and Sasuke with Sakura), and Sasuke going off to travel the world.

The final chapter (entitled Uzumaki Naruto!! (yes, the two exclamation points, included), which you can read here), obviously shows how things are years later, with Naruto and the rest of the gang having children who goes to the Ninja Academy. It’s such an obvious move. So unoriginal, everything just felt bland to me. Boring. Meh. Even the names of the children are uninspired.

For a manga series as big as Naruto, reading these last two chapters was such a letdown. Maybe I’m not just a fan–well, I was until the whole story dragged on. The most annoying part of the Naruto ending is that it’s was all action…action…action…revelation…action…action…obvious mandatory fight between Naruto and Sasuke…and then, pfft! the most boring ending that I have ever read. I didn’t even gleam anything from it. There goes the 15 years it took to get to that point.

Having said that, there will be a mini-story-esque releases this coming spring. The first of the mini-series will be “Kakashi’s Story”. And, of course, there is “The Last” Naruto movie–which, most likely, will feature the new generation of ninjas.

Anyways, what do you guys think of the finale? Do you feel the same way as I, or do you think it was brilliant?

Regardless, let’s all hope Bleach and One Piece will have a better ending (though I feel more confident with One Piece about that, despite not reading or watching the series).

Until the next post, dream on; fly on!

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