Let’s Play “White Night”!

Like I have previously stated in this post, I’ve decided to become active in uploading videos at Youtube once more. I have even updated my Youtube Avatar and the design of my channel.

One of the series I am currently doing is for a playthrough of the black-and-white, noir, survival-horror game from Activision and Osome Games called “White Night”. It’s a really creepy game, with a frightening atmosphere. Really? How can it not be? It’s all in black and white. The music and sound effects add to the haunting and foreboding feel of the game. And unlike most (if not all) survival horror games being released, you don’t have any weapons–no guns, not even a knife (and what good would those be with what you’re facing in this game?).  All you have is a box of matches and when the light gets snuffed out you are plunged into deep darkness where the evil ghosts in this game thrives.

The game is riddled with puzzles as well, one that needs your full attention and observational skills to complete. Books are scattered about that give you hints to this puzzles, as well as tell the story of what happened in the manor you find yourself trapped in.

White Night is a fantastic horror game. Granted, I have yet to finish the game (I am only at chapter two), but I am enjoying things thus far…even if this game causes my heart to jump out of my chest in fright.

You can watch my Chapter One and Chapter Two playthroughs below. If you are interested in the game, please buy it off steam and support the developers.

You can check the rest of my videos on my Youtube Channel.

Until the next post, dream on; fly on!


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