Digimon World Re:Digitize Passwords List

Being a Tamer chosen to save the Digital World can be quite hard. Breeding the Partner you have into the power-house Digital Monster that you want can be taxing and stressful, and would require a lot of work on your part. Add that to purifying the Memoria Stela in order to save File Island and the rest of the Digital World from the darkness that threatens to engulf it and it can be quite the nightmare (especially if you don’t have a strong Partner to support you). Luckily, Jijimon’s house has a computer that would enable you to input passwords and be rewarded with items that can help ease the burden and the journey placed upon you.

Below is the complete list of passwords you can use for the game Digimon World Re:Digitize.

Code Unlocked Item/Event Details
19990128 “Lucky Man” Free Battle on the 1F, nothing significant
mk378xcv “Collector card” Free Battle on the 10F, nothing significant
hfdfz453 “Modern people do not have the time” New Tournament on the 20f, nothing significant
734y6qph “Combination of ultimate” New Tournament on the 30F, 2vs2 battles with Perfect form Digimon
5d8f4gva “Too much trouble would the strongest” Free Battle on the 40F with a very strong Agumon
wjyjdrsy Free Battle on the 1F with a green Agumon wearing weird accessories
vj4dfg4a Free Battle on the 1F with a BlackWargreymon wearing Pirate Accessories
WARNING: The fight with the BlackWargreymon Pirate must be beaten to access any other battles on the 1F if the code is input, otherwise everytime you speak with Greymon he will only ask if you’re ready to fight BlackWargreymon.
Digivolution Items
iotjf45s Giant Claw Rookie>Greymon
ortksas9 Savage horn Rookie>Geogreymon
lss425f8 Huge Revolver Champion>RizeGreymon
laseow45 Metal Parts Adult>Metal Greymon
7933dfse Proof of Bravery Perfect>War Greymon
roleosod Metal ice Perfect>MetalGarurumon
54sduir2 Burning wing Rookie>Bird Ramon
lsldoos1 Gloves of the Beast Rookie>Gaogamon
sldldl96 Huge Crushing Sword Perfect>V’Greymon
mkohyu78 Dark Matter Perfect>Darkdramon
irtisjaa School uniform of justice Perfect>Bancho Leomon
Care Items
jajfismd Meat x 10 Food, Fullness +12, Weight +1
idortig4 DigiPine x3 Food, Fullness +22, Weight +1, Training effect for all stats increase for 6 hours
dsjmvd4d Portable potty x10 Use the bathroom anywhere
xmxlrfki Auto pilot x10 Warps you back to the city
123aodor Bandage DX x10 Always cures injuries, cures sickness
saidhnff Mystery Digicore x3 Give to Hagurumon to refill Digimemory Usage
mfvjaiss Chain Melon x2 Food, Fullness +10, Weight +1, Tired -50, Happy +20, Lifetime +20 ingame hours, chance of causing sickness
Key Items
ksiaifn7 Key item (alpha) Unlocks MirageGaogamon in the DigiStorage
saidhfvn Key item (beta) Unlocks Phoenixmon in the DigiStorage
maofjvjn Key item (gamma) Unlocks Sukamon in the DigiStorage
msdk774s Key item (omega) Unlocks MetalEtemon in the DigiStorage
fmkfoas6 Key item (sigma) Unlocks Examon in the DigiStorage
Recovery Items
tkjdk5d2 Small HP Disc x10 Recovers 500 HP
la122s22 Medium HP Disc x10 Recovers 1500 HP
43afkakf Large HP Disc x5 Recovers 5000 HP
godoprji Ultra HP Disc x5 Recovers All HP
kskedirt Small MP Disc x10 Recovers 500 MP
slfkr789 Medium MP Disc x10 Recovers 1500 MP
114sffaa Large MP Disc x5 Recovers 5000 MP
6941dlol Double Disc x5 Recovers 1500 HP and MP, battle only
kajasdlp Restore Disc x5 Recovers 1500 HP and MP, revives the digimon, battle only
akldlffm Super Restore Disc x3 Fully recovers HP and MP, revives the digimon, battle only
ksdja875 RE Disc x10 Recovers a percent of HP every 30 seconds, battle only
3elenfnh Omnipotent Disc x10 Cures Status Effects, recovers 1500 HP and MP, battle only
874f6a3f Protection Disc x5 Increases Resistance to Negative Staus Effects, battle only
(Permanent) Status Increasing Chips
ldptogbj Attack chip x3 Increases max attack by 50
kfgimkko Defense chip x3 Increases max defense by 50
lajsd885 Brains chip x3 Increases max brains by 50
jesia4gb Speed chip x3 Increases max speed by 50
igvjp1am HP chip x3 Increases max HP by 500
4163a5s5 MP chip x3 Increases max MP by 500
254a23ss Devil chip A x2 Increases max attack and brains by 100, reduces life
kfsasdls Devil chip D x2 Increases max defense and speed by 100, reduces life
akllsikd Devil chip E x2 Increases max HP and MP by 1000, reduces life


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  1. Lol says:

    None of these work.

  2. Panda-chan says:

    It isn’t working should I play the Japanese version? not the translated one or should I beat the game first before accessing those password Vianca San?

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