Month: November 2015

My 2015 Christmas Wishlist

I may be slightly delayed (compared to how early I posted such a list in previous years), but hey! It’s finally up! Haha, all I want for Christmas is…?

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Dev. Diaries #2: The Story

What is “Project Fantopia”? What is this video game’s story about? Read it here! 😀

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How Do You…?

Not really a rant, but more of a “reflection” and introspection.
How do you keep yourself from losing your mind (and your cool) when dealing with a specific group of people? And by specific, I mean the close-minded, untruthful ones?

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Dev. Diaries #1: New Project!

As if having to write three novels at the same time is not enough, I have made myself even busier still with this additional project. This is a very special project that I am making on the side.

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