How Do You…?

I don’t usually posts rants (which is very obvious if you read through my blog), unless it’s on something I feel passionate about. I don’t even like to argue with people, except when there are some points that need to be said–things to clarify–or if I have something I stand for and believe so diligently in. If possible, I would fight for what I believe is right, fair, just, and true and–again, as much as possible–I try not to cuss or resort to derogatory name-calling.

I do not go into what people say “full beast-mode”, I try to be courteous and I try to keep an open mind on a situation. That, I believe, is a way to foster growth and to keep myself from spiraling into a puddle of negativity. But sometimes, a situation demands that you be firm–but retaining respect. Sometimes a situation also demands that you back down from a fight that is not worth fighting. A wise man, after all, once said that you “choose your battles” and not all battles are worth fighting for or going through extreme lengths to win.

I find it funny sometimes–though somewhat aggravating–when speaking with someone who has chosen to shut their eyes to facts and only see things that they want to see–people who prove that the wizard’s first rule is true (check Terry Goodkind’s book “Wizard’s First Rule” to know what said rule is). People who seem to have their mind set on something–even if that something is so equivocally stupid and moronic that they would go through such lengths to defend it to the point that their explanations (or rather, excuses) are frustratingly, insultingly, meant to just run you around and hold no “meat” in them whatsoever.

So then, how do you deal with people like that?

I find myself asking that very same question more frequently these days and I could find no answer other than to voice out what I truly want to say. Even when it seems my words are misinterpreted, misread, or even not given care about. I may appear like the villain in this setup, but it’s better than catering to stupidity (#realtalk: I would not want to stoop down a lower intelligence level as I would like to classify myself as educated).

Even after saying that though, it is rather difficult, especially when having a dialogue with those kinds of people. They view things in a negative light, even when you voice out questions that were meant to clarify or expound on what it is they are saying. It’s tiring, to say the least. And doubly more so when all you want is to lay it all down in a professional manner. People like this make the saying “there are no stupid questions” and the reminder to “never stop asking questions, because that is what informs you and helps you grow” irrelevant.

And how about those people that change the facts–the truths–to suit their own needs. Those who make themselves the victims when they, in fact, are the “orchestrators”? How do you prove which side is the side of truth when those who are meant to decide that are played like puppets who are fed false information in hopes that they would side with the falsity that was made out into truth?

It is true that “there is only one truth!” and that “all will come to light when the time comes (#TamangPanahon)” but then the question turns to “when?”. Retribution for those who play with the truth is harsh–as history has shown us. But will that retribution come in a timely manner? (Well, if we are to base it in history, that answer becomes a rather obvious and resounding no).

Haha, you know, sometimes I just end up scratching my head or face-palming myself at some of the things-slash-people I have to deal with that/who fits under those categories.

Sometimes, I also ask the question: What would Jesus do? considering that Jesus did experience having to deal with such close-minded, self-centered people (the Pharisees). But following what Jesus did is no easy task. It is no small feat. Yet, it is not impossible either.

And that is all that I am holding on to, reminding myself of.


There is nothing more that I enjoy doing than reading books and writing. I'm kind of a nerd like that, XD. I have been writing for 7 years and am the author of the YA novel "Winged: The Awakening" and "Winged: The Unraveling". Also, a YouTuber dealing with video games and gaming.

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