Dev. Diaries #3: Episodic or Traditional?

What’s up, Dreamers?

I know it’s been a while since I last updated this blog–and it has definitely been ages (okay, so maybe I am exaggerating about that just a little bit) since I posted anything related about the video game I am developing. Before we delve straight to the point of this post, I would–however–first like to greet everyone a happy 1st of December (24 days left before Christmas, everybody!!). 2015 is almost at an end. I hope this year has been a blast to you guys, as it has been–and continues to be–for me.

Anyways, with that out of the way…Let’s get down to business, shall we?

The reason behind this blog post is that ever-present debate that has been going on in my head since the idea for this game came to my noggin’. And, even when the project itself is already in full-swing, this debate is still on-going. And it centers around one question: Should I make this an episodic game (as I have intended) or take on the traditional RPG route?

For those who are unaware of what an episodic game is…it is as you might have suspected. A game that is divided into several episodes each released chronologically at a set period of time. That is the long and short of it. The traditional route, on the other hand, is one where the game is presented as a whole. No cuts. No “to be continued” scenarios. Just one continuous experience.

Now, someone once told me that when making a decision, one should weigh in the pros and cons of the matter–which is something I have done as well even as I am truly leaning on just going with what I have initially planned which was to make this an episodic game.

Among the concerns I currently have with taking this route, however, is the save data transfer. How would the progress in terms of items and stats–as well as Player Choices (should I take on that route as well) be carried over from the first episode to the succeeding ones? This is a rather big deal as I am currently taking in stock as to how to do this. I am, after all, using a different engine than the ones I have used with my previous video game projects.

On the other hand, if I take the traditional RPG route, I–and those who would want to play this game of mine–would have to contend with the fact that it will be a big file to both upload and download. That is a huge deal. Not just on my end considering how pathetically slow the internet connection in our country is, but also for those who would want to play this game on their mobiles (as I have said before, this is going to be a multi-platform game).

So, as you can see…it is a rather interesting conundrum…as well as a frustrating one.

But whatever I end up deciding, you guys can be sure that this is going to be one fun game. I wouldn’t be putting this much effort if I thought otherwise.

And so, until the next update…dream on; fly on!

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