Imagine You And Me: A Review

I almost did not end up going, considering how my schedule ended up being blown to pieces, but I am glad my mom decided to watch the movie with me.

I went in thinking that it was going to be yet another Filipino romantic movie. You know, the stereotypical kind; the one so foreseeable that you could easily tell what was going to happen because of how cliche it is and because generally ALL movies of that kind from our country end up being so blase. In all honesty, I have even conjured up a guess of what the movie was going to be based on how previous movies of its kind have been. I am pleasantly surprised, however, with how this movie actually is.

To tell the truth, I have never been more glad that my conjectures and predictions were proven wrong. The movie blew whatever expectations I had out of the window, and I am not just saying that because I am a fan of Alden and Maine. On the contrary, because I am a fan, I thought it prudent to be more critical and, if needed, provide criticisms meant to be constructive in hopes that somehow, someway, those who aspire to be movie producers and directors would read this little piece and find something worth noting with it. And also because I am not someone who is just blindly following the trends. I am a type of fan who wishes nothing but the continued betterment and growth of those which I am a supporter of. That was why I watched with a movie critic’s eye, a reviewer, and not as an Aldub Fan.

So, what can I say about “Imagine You And Me“?

It is, by far, the best Filipino romantic movie I have ever seen! And if you know me, you know that THAT is saying something. Never in all the years I have under my belt had I been able to find a romantic movie from this country that I could confidently invite others to watch, or even gush about.

ALDUB is known for its “kilig” factor, and I suppose many went in thinking this movie will be oozing with it. And they were not wrong. It does not simply ooze of it, it comes right at you and slaps you silly with it before deciding to take off the kiddy gloves and proceeds to whack you silly. But more than that, it has an actual story; it wasn’t just a movie made for the sake of having a movie Alden and Maine could star in, it was more than that. It has meat. A soul. It isn’t just another fluff piece. There is a certain kind of poetry so rarely seen in that particular genre here in the Philippines. There is a perfect kind of balance between romance, comedy, and drama that makes it palatable. It doesn’t make you think that this is the kind of story that only happens to a select few but makes you see the possibility that many experience this kind of story–or a semblance of it. There is something in it that resonates within a person that does not exclude. It’s really amazing.

But the story is not just what shines in IYAM. The cinematography does too. The cinematography greatly matches the tone of the scene, helping tell the story further and not holding it back. At times you could sense a playful tone to it when the scene calls for it, and a somberness in others. The shots are great and really brings out the beauty of the shoot’s location without compromising the characters, taking away the spotlight, within the scene.

As for the movie’s score or music, I must say I was surprised yet again. Even though we have Maine’s own composition, it wasn’t overused to the point that Eat Bulaga has done it. Although, I can see room for improvement in this category (there are still a lot of “mute spots”), I’d say it was pretty good enough.

One of the things that struck me with “Imagine You And Me” as well is the characters. Despite Alden and Maine headlining the movie, there was no scene that was unbalanced with supporting casts. What I mean by this is that every single actor and actress in the movie shone along side them. There were no muted glows just to compensate and make ALDUB bigger. Instead, everyone who had a screen time made use of it. No one was overshadowed.

In conclusion, if you think that this movie is yet another money-grab, just another romantic, filipino movie, then you would find yourself greatly mistaken. If you are, therefore, foregoing watching this movie because of that, then I can assure you that you will not be disappointed. There will not even be a smidgen of disappointment in your body after watching this.

It is light but heartfelt and poignant. A movie that is poetry in motion. A movie whose third act did not shy away to deliver the promise and premise that this is an ALDUB movie. And, most of all, (and that which is important for me when it comes to movies) is that it was fun and not at all predictable. A brilliant movie that everyone and anyone can appreciate.

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