My 2016 Christmas Wishlist


With 28 days to go before Christmas, and with Advent having just begun, this is–officially–the latest I have been in posting my annual Christmas Wishlist.

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Grandia II Classics Vault Thursday Episodes, Cancelled!


It is with great frustration and budding annoyance that I had to make this post.

Grandia II is one of my favorite games from the past. It’s battle system was one that got me on my toes while I played it. It was interesting. The story was good for its time (but now kind of “just okay” when you compared it to giants from the ‘Tales Of‘ franchise). But…


It was riddled with A LOT of bugs.

One was the Millenia battle found at the very start of the game–a problem I had managed to not fall prey to.

The other, and the one that actually BROKE my game and forced me to cancel future episodes of this title on my Classics Vault Thursday slot, was a bug that appears after the events on Valmar’s Moon and when you are back in Cyrus. This stupid bug prevents you from progressing further, ending with the game hanging on the bridge as Ryudo clutches his arm in pain.

Apparently (though I am not very much certain of this), this is a bug one can encounter IF you spoke with the Tutorial Guy at the VERY BEGINNING of the game. And, as of the moment, after scouring the internet for a fix (I am playing on the Dreamcast, by the way), I am left with the sour taste in my mouth that I have to make this announcement.

So, yes. My Grandia II gameplay is officially put on halt.

What will become of the Classics Vault Thursday slot now? Well, not to worry. I have already taken steps to put another title in its place and this one is even better than Grandia II!

And that is…

(Drum roll, please)

The Legend of Dragoon!!

So, if you’re a fan of the series looking for a little bit of nostalgia from a game that appeared in the twilight days of the Playstation One console, then you will enjoy this game as much as I did before and I know I will still do so.

As always, Classics Vault Thursday episodes are published every Thursdays at 8:00AM (GMT+8:00).

If you guys have any suggestions on which classic videogames you want to see a playthrough of, don’t hesitate to drop a line. Same as with the other games you would want to see. It doesn’t matter if its for the PS3, PC, PS4, Playstation 2, Playstation One, Dreamcast, or Nintendo consoles. We’ll try to deliver them to your viewing pleasure.


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Lilikin, Jiants, And Mirages! World of Final Fantasy, A New “Vian Plays” Series!


Yes, it has started! And it has finally arrived localized!

So, what is this World of Final Fantasy game all about? Welp, it’s all about Lilikins (Chibi-people) and Jiants (normal-sized people) in a world that mixes together all of your favorite Final Fantasy worlds…

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The Spirit of Justice! Ace Attorney Returns!


Yep. You read the title right. Phoenix Wright is back with an all new adventure. The sixth Ace Attorney game, entitled: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Spirit of Justice for the Nintendo 3DS handheld system, released on the 9th of September state-side, is a whole different ballgame from the rest of its predecessors, taking place in two separate settings–one featuring Phoenix Wright and the other Apollo Justice.

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Imagine You And Me: A Review

I almost did not end up going, considering how my schedule ended up being blown to pieces, but I am glad my mom decided to watch the movie with me.

I went in thinking that it was going to be yet another Filipino romantic movie. You know, the stereotypical kind; the one so foreseeable that you could easily tell what was going to happen because of how cliche it is and because generally ALL movies of that kind from our country end up being so blase. In all honesty, I have even conjured up a guess of what the movie was going to be based on how previous movies of its kind have been. I am pleasantly surprised, however, with how this movie actually is. Read more ›

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