Vian Plays…White Night, Part 3 Now Up!

So, I’m still playing this amazingly spooky, noir, survival-horror game from Activision and Osome Studios. The story has gotten a bit interesting (as I have found bits and pieces of information surrounding the mystery of the manor, the missing women, and a supposed serial killer while going around the mansion) and more ghosts have started roaming about (making it that much more difficult).

Finally, however, I managed to finish the second chapter.

I also learned what would happen if you get too close to the ghosts.

And the White Lady returns.

You can watch the second half of my White Night Chapter 2 gameplay below.  For previous episodes of this game, check out my post here.

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Let’s Play “White Night”!

Like I have previously stated in this post, I’ve decided to become active in uploading videos at Youtube once more. I have even updated my Youtube Avatar and the design of my channel.

One of the series I am currently doing is for a playthrough of the black-and-white, noir, survival-horror game from Activision and Osome Games called “White Night”. It’s a really creepy game, with a frightening atmosphere. Really? How can it not be? It’s all in black and white. The music and sound effects add to the haunting and foreboding feel of the game. And unlike most (if not all) survival horror games being released, you don’t have any weapons–no guns, not even a knife (and what good would those be with what you’re facing in this game?).  All you have is a box of matches and when the light gets snuffed out you are plunged into deep darkness where the evil ghosts in this game thrives. Read more ›

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Getting Back on Youtube


When I was in college, back when Youtube first came to be, I used to upload videos–mostly AMVs–to my channel, which was then connected to my Yahoo! account. When Youtube merged with Google, I lost my Youtube videos from my Yahoo! account and so I stopped posting videos. Now, however, I have decided to give publishing videos on Youtube another try.

For the moment, I have planned (and have started) to do ‘Let’s Play’ videos on my channel. I have also decided to have a schedule for uploading videos and try to be more active in that community.

Of course, video game playthroughs aren’t going to be the only content in my channel. I have also decided to go back to making AMVs and return to video editing–a couple of hobbies I had back in the day (wow, that sure makes me sound old, lol).

Anyways, I hope you guys support my channel just how y’all have supported this blog, my Tumblr, and Twitter accounts. I’ll try my very best to provide entertaining, maybe even educational, content!

Until the next post, dream on; fly on!

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No New Chapter


Since I am still feeling under the weather and still in the process of recovering (it’s just a bit of a cough and cold), I, unfortunately, would not be able to provide readers of The Legend of Korra: The Schism (#LoKTheSchism) any new chapters this week. Read more ›

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Back to Drawing


So, last Christmas, my mom and dad surprised me in giving me a Graphics Tablet. I wasn’t expecting it, though I had it written as one of the items in my Christmas Wishlist (for a couple of years now, too). I was grinning from ear to ear at the unexpected gift which has allowed me to return to one of the creative things I love to do: drawing.

It’s been a while since I last made use of a Graphics Tablet, so I know I would need to practice a lot with it again.  I don’t mind, though. It’s fun to draw stuff.  Not to mention that this will now allow me to continue the game I had left on hiatus when my tablet broke.

With that said, I will be posting most of my artwork here, adding a new page (probably even a sub-site) for my artworks.

So, that’s all for this personal update.

Until the next post, dream on; fly on!

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