Imagine You And Me: A Review

I almost did not end up going, considering how my schedule ended up being blown to pieces, but I am glad my mom decided to watch the movie with me.

I went in thinking that it was going to be yet another Filipino romantic movie. You know, the stereotypical kind; the one so foreseeable that you could easily tell what was going to happen because of how cliche it is and because generally ALL movies of that kind from our country end up being so blase. In all honesty, I have even conjured up a guess of what the movie was going to be based on how previous movies of its kind have been. I am pleasantly surprised, however, with how this movie actually is. Read more ›

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Zero Escape: Time Dilemma Closes Off the Trilogy!

The time has come…after such a long wait, we now have that third game many thought would be cancelled. Read more ›

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Site Back Online


After a surprisingly un-Godly amount of time, I am pleased to have my website back.

Read more ›

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Grandpa’s Will: A Stardew Valley Review

In a time when videogames have gone to the extreme; when blood and gore is highly favorable among hardcore gamers; when some big-name franchise release sequels and prequels and games that really could use a bit more fine-tuning; when mindless games have become abundant and quite redundant…there came an indie game that is all about the quiet life: Stardew Valley. Read more ›

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“Aria of Souls” My New Story on Wattpad

So, I am getting used to sharing my stories on Wattpad.

And after posting my first story there–Chronicles of Endlessia Zero–I have posted yet another one of my original stories entitled, “Aria of Souls”. Read more ›

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