Dev. Diaries #2: The Story


For me, creating a story is a magical process–one I am always ecstatic about. I love stories. I enjoy writing and reading them. I love letting the pages of each book I read come to life with the help of my imagination; I love how each game I chose to play immerses me in a world that would not have otherwise been possible if the story was not good enough to hold it together. Read more ›

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How Do You…?


I don’t usually posts rants (which is very obvious if you read through my blog), unless it’s on something I feel passionate about. I don’t even like to argue with people, except when there are some points that need to be said–things to clarify–or if I have something I stand for and believe so diligently in. If possible, I would fight for what I believe is right, fair, just, and true and–again, as much as possible–I try not to cuss or resort to derogatory name-calling. Read more ›

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Dev. Diaries #1: New Project!


As if having to write three novels at the same time is not enough, I have made myself even busier still with this additional project. This is a very special project that I am making on the side. Read more ›

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Inner Ramblings (Respect…And Stuff)

“Respect begets respect”. I have heard that phrase so many times that it has become a part of my personal mantra. A thing that I constantly remind myself when speaking with others. It is why, even when I am on the verge of punching someone out of pure annoyance, I try to calm myself down and just try to laugh it off with a joke–or plug any one of my consoles and just let off some steam there.

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“Vian Plays” October Schedule


So, my YouTube subscribers and Twitter followers might be wondering why I haven’t uploaded any new schedule for my “Vian Plays”-slash-Let’s Play videos. And although I have mention it in passing in one of my tweets, I feel the need to repeat it here in my blog and, perhaps, expound upon that 250-character statement. Read more ›

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