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I’ve finally done it.

After much deliberation–and with the help of a “slightly” faster internet (although it did take me hours just to upload my first post)–I have finally finished the Project Endlessia website! Read more ›

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Lacking Updates?


So, this blog is getting an increase in traffic as of late. I suppose that should be expected considering that I have added its link in every single one of my YouTube videos thus far. And I know that I should be updating this blog as frequently as I could…I would love that, really, if not for the insufferable internet connection my country currently has that is making logging into this blog, and basically doing anything in the world wide web, a chore. Read more ›

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Attitude Makes A Big Difference


This is an oratorical piece I wrote as a favor. I’m posting it here just in case somebody else might need it. And also to keep tabs of it (in case I accidentally delete the file, lol). You are free to use it, but please do not credit this as your own work. Thank you.

Read more ›

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Conan or Kindaichi? A Detective Conan And Kindaichi Case Files Game Review


Ever since I was a kid, I had followed the story of the shrunken highschool detective told in the anime-slash-manga “Detective Conan”. It was an interesting story; the cases more so. Which is why I always felt disappointed that the games that featured Conan Edogawa (or Shinichi Kudo) never got localized (except for one, a game for the Nintendo Wii). I was even more frustrated when DCTP stopped translating the manga. Read more ›

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Thank You, 2015!

The countdown has begun. Firecrackers are firing off one after another, lit by daredevils disregarding government safety warnings. Loud music is blaring all around, courtesy of families (mine included) who would rather not make use of the air pollutants: firecrackers and fireworks. It is the final moments of 2015. Read more ›

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