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Chapter II: The Transcendental Wish

Moon Butterfly

This is the second chapter of my Blog Novel: Tsuki no Chou no Densetsu. A chapter that I had forgotten to upload thanks to everything else that’s been going on. Having said that, I hope it’s clear in this chapter that it is Yuuta who is narrating the events here.

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Chapter I: Raindrops in the Sunny Sky

Moon Butterfly

I did not know what to think any more.  I didn’t even know if what I was witnessing, or what I have witnessed was real.  I kept wishing that it wasn’t real but I knew that it was.  I saw

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Prologue: Ruin and Creation

Moon Butterfly

Darkness. Infinite and eternal. The darkness with which I find myself confined in knows no bounds.  The feeling of emptiness reigns in the place.  I can hear nothing. Taste nothing. Feel nothing. See nothing.  My senses are nothing but devoid

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Tsuki no Chou no Densetsu

I have finally decided on the title and the story of the first ever Blog Novel here in Sakura no Kokoro.  The title I’ve come up with is Tsuki no Chou no Densetsu.

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