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Chapter II: The Transcendental Wish

Moon Butterfly

This is the second chapter of my Blog Novel: Tsuki no Chou no Densetsu. A chapter that I had forgotten to upload thanks to everything else that’s been going on. Having said that, I hope it’s clear in this chapter that it is Yuuta who is narrating the events here.

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Chapter I: Raindrops in the Sunny Sky

Moon Butterfly

I did not know what to think any more.  I didn’t even know if what I was witnessing, or what I have witnessed was real.  I kept wishing that it wasn’t real but I knew that it was.  I saw

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Prologue: Ruin and Creation

Moon Butterfly

Darkness. Infinite and eternal. The darkness with which I find myself confined in knows no bounds.  The feeling of emptiness reigns in the place.  I can hear nothing. Taste nothing. Feel nothing. See nothing.  My senses are nothing but devoid

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