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It Ain’t So Bad :)

Okay, so I had been anxious for a while now. Yep, as anxious as the other people who have joined the Animax LaMB Blogging contest.

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Infinite World of Possibilities…

I used to feel how small people think of me and sad at making fun of me. But now, when they say that I am too naive to continue on loving what I do love so much, I feel sorry, not for myself but for those people who do not see the things that such media would bring to them.

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When did I stop believing in Santa Clause? In truth, this sort of question holds no real significance for me.

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Big Year Ahead for Animax Asia!

2009 has just kicked in and you can bet that it would be one heck of a year for all Animax Asia viewers.  They certainly are living up to their slogan: “Be Different”.

Animax LaMB Bloggin Contest Entry

Finally, I have managed to finish four articles here in my blog to act as my contest entry for the Animax LaMB Blogging Contest. I’m quite pleased with how it turned out but, as I have only just begun with this whole blogging thing in Wordpress, I am uncertain if it is enough.

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