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Now On Wattpad

I finally gave in and did as they asked, signing up as an author willing to share her story there. And what story did I decide to share there? A short companion piece of a story for my videogame project, Chronicles of Endlessia.

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Project Endlessia Website is Live!

I’ve finally done it.

After much deliberation–and with the help of a “slightly” faster internet (although it did take me hours just to upload my first post)–I have finally finished the Project Endlessia website!

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Delayed “2013 Plans” Post

The new year has rolled in and I find myself delayed at posting stuff.  Haha.  Though I didn’t plan on these delays (even though I should’ve taken into consideration that there was a very high chance that I would be delayed),

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Endlessia Reboot

Ah, how many times have I made a post about the reboot of this Role-Playing Game I am developing?  I have actually lost count of that.  Three times?  Four?  Well, there are a couple of reasons why I end up

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The Revival of Project Endlessia

It has been a long, long time since I first finished the script for the Chronicles of Endlessia game.  A lot of things had happened since then.  So many things that forced me to put the project on hiatus for

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