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Imagine You And Me: A Review

I almost did not end up going, considering how my schedule ended up being blown to pieces, but I am glad my mom decided to watch the movie with me.

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Minions Rule, Dominates Despicable Me Sequel!

It wasn’t a secret how much I have been anxiously anticipating Despicable Me 2, after all, I was the first to announce the awesome news of a sequel to my sisters.  I was practically grinning from ear to ear and

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Beautiful Creatures: A Movie Review

When you’re a fan of a particular book series–or, in my case, hundreds of them–you get excited whenever you hear that they will be adapted into a movie; that people will get a chance to see what made that book

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Beautiful Creatures Official Trailer #2

I am pretty confident in saying that I am not the only one who’s stoked about the upcoming Beautiful Creatures movie.  And, well, seeing the newest trailer for the movie (which you can watch below (and I suggest you do watch it)), the

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Breaking Dawn, Part Two

[Note: This was written a couple of minutes after watching the movie.  I’ll try not to post any spoilers.  Also, my mind was a bit muddled with the awesomeness of it all that well, parts of this post may not make any

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