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The 34th Manila International Book Fair

It only comes once every year. I had always wanted to come to such an event. I feel so happy and blessed to have been able to come this year, especially since I get to make new friends and meet

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Winged, Book 2 Update

After spending two days trying to choose the perfect cover for the much-anticipated sequel to Winged: The Awakening, we finally came to a consensus as to which of the covers to use.  It was a tough decision, believe me.  If possible, I

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The Winged Announcement

On the 10th of December last year (2012), I made an announcement of an announcement (haha) through a blog post here at SnK. I promised in that short-length post that I will be revealing the much-anticipated title of the second

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Scotty and Lauren’s Music Video!

Lauren and Scotty

After what seems like a long time, Scotty and Lauren finally has a music video that they can both be proud of! With the American Idol competition over, and the on-going American Idol Summer Tour, not to mention the dozens

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Eye For An Eye Cased Closed!

An Eye For An Eye

After six files, Detective Conan’s Eye For An Eye case is finally closed! The motive has finally been revealed along with who the killer is.  The means with how the killer managed to kill the son and the President’s wife (the

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