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Naruto’s Conclusion!

“The long overdue road to their souls overlapping begins now”. At least, that’s what the slogan for the final Naruto chapter states. And, true enough, it has been long overdue. So overdue, in fact, that it had taken bizarre twist and turns–mostly things you would come to expect from a manga such as this.

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Naruto’s Last Five Chapters!

Earlier this year, word spread out that one of the big three manga/anime series is coming to an end. Some speculations rose from such a statement and people guessed which of the three–Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece–would be the first whose story would conclude.

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The Final BLEACH Arc!

  A little after ten years and BLEACH is nearing the end of its story. According to Kubo Tite–creator of the much beloved manga series–the next arc, presumably dubbed the “Ice Palace Arc” is the last arc in the bleach

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DCTP Releases Quarter of Silence

It has been well-over a year since the 15th movie from Detective Conan was first shown in cinemas across Japan.  People, particularly fans of the series who do not understand Japanese, have long waited for the Detective Conan Translation Project

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The Strength of Youth!

As it is that time of the week again, the recent chapters of BLEACH and Naruto are already up on our Online Manga Viewer for everyone to read (if they haven’t yet). This week, BLEACH moves farther ahead in the

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