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Day 14: Luke…

Yeah, I know…this challenge has stopped being a daily challenge and just reverted to a ‘post whenever you want to post’ challenge.  Meh, I’ve been busy…so I couldn’t really do the whole once-a-day-photo thing. Anyways, I decided to go with

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Day 13: Optical Illusions

Optical Illusions.  They’re freaky yet often times amazing.  Sometimes, optical illusions are used to tell just how stressed a person is.  If I remember correctly, stress could be measured through the spinning of the image on some illusions.  I could

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Day 12: ATMs

Welcome to day twelve of the Hundred Pictures Challenge! Today’s picture is this: You may be wondering what this photo is about.  Obviously, the girl in the photo?  That’s not me.  This photo actually has nothing to do with me

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Day 11: Mumbling

I just saw a video clip of the previous Batman movie–The Dark Knight.  I really was amazed at Heath Ledger’s performance there, just like everyone else.  I mean, he did a pretty darn good job of acting as a demented Joker. Anyways,

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Day 10: You Know You’re Addicted When…, Part 2

I don’t suppose I need to write something to explain what today’s picture is, right?  I mean, I’ve already done that on the previous post. Anyways, this is just a continuation of yesterday’s photo.  I did say that I was

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