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My 2016 Christmas Wishlist

With 28 days to go before Christmas, and with Advent having just begun, this is–officially–the latest I have been in posting my annual Christmas Wishlist.

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“Aria of Souls” My New Story on Wattpad

So, I am getting used to sharing my stories on Wattpad. And after posting my first story there–Chronicles of Endlessia Zero–I have posted yet another one of my original stories entitled, “Aria of Souls”.

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Now On Wattpad

I finally gave in and did as they asked, signing up as an author willing to share her story there. And what story did I decide to share there? A short companion piece of a story for my videogame project, Chronicles of Endlessia.

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Lacking Updates?

The lack of updates in this blog is something I have little control over thanks to the poor internet (dubbed “turtlenet” from here on out) of our country. But that doesn’t mean I can’t give updating this blog a try.

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Thank You, 2015!

2016 is almost here! It’s time to say “Goodbye” and “Thank you” to the year that was and look to the year that will be with renewed hope! Happy New Year, everyone!

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