Sprites Atelier

Okay, so here is where I will be uploading all of my Sprites.

I will keep this updated as possible.  Of course, if you are going to use them, then please give due credit, meaning, credit me for it.  Also, do not steal my work as I have put a lot of effort in making these sprites.

I will keep this page as organized as possible.  All sprites are categorized according to the title of the anime/manga/game that they belong to.  Simply click on the links below to view the Sprites page of that particular title.

REMEMBER: Do not use without first asking for permission and without giving credit.

Tsubasa Chronicles .hack// Lunar
Digimon Naruto


I will also be uploading more series/categories as soon as I can.  Some of the links are not up yet, so be patient if you want these sprites.  Remember to credit me if you use them… that’s the least you guys can do, lol.

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