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Day 16: Magnificent Obsession

In our world today, there are a lot of things that people are obsessed about.  It doesn’t have to be an actual ‘thing’, though.  Most people are obsessed with keeping their Facebook profiles so updated that you get to know

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Day 15: Overnight

Success.  All the roads that point to it are rough and are ridden with many obstacles.  So many, in fact, that people often give up never knowing how close or how far they are from reaching their goal. There are

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Day 14: Wait and See

Hope.  It’s a powerful thing. Hope makes you believe in the future even when everything seems to be falling apart.  Hope makes you look at a brand new day with a renewed spirit.  Hope keeps us from giving up on

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Day 13: We Won’t Give Up

I was never really a fan of rock.  Sure I listen to rock songs occasionally but I only do so if–and when–the song actually has something to say; a message that is meant to inspire. The song we have today is from

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Day 12: Start Over

You know what’s lacking in popular radio stations right now?  Positive music!  And, that is the reason why my choices are currently veering into the direction of trying to find music that are uplifting and positive.  Music is a universal

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