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RotM Chapter UPDATE!!

After months and months of no Rabbit on the Moon updates, I have finally done it and updated the fanfic for everyone’s reading pleasure.  The chapter is readable in its usual place, which is, of course, FFN, for everyone who

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'Save' Used…

I’m an avid watcher of American Idol ever since the 5th season since, prior to that season, I could only catch a glimpse of the show thanks to the fact that the service provider we have doesn’t have the station

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Flaming the New Idol Judge

Okay, so it has been a couple of weeks now since the new season of American Idol aired. We have seen quite a bit of drama over the past two weeks and we can expect a whole deal more in

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American Idol 2009 Episode 2

Well, after yesterday’s debut, the AI crew found themselves on Kansas City, home to American Idol, David Cook.  As it is DC’s home state, the judges expected to see some jaw dropping talent, and sure enough, Kansas City delivered.

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American Idol Season 8 Kicks Off!

After a long wait and after David Cook dared to dream and deliver, being crowned as the 2008’s American Idol, the acclaimed Talent Search is finally back!

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