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Post-Idol Thoughts (Better Late Than Never)

American Idol 2010

I know I’ve been quiet for most of the week, even after the Idol Finale.  Under normal circumstances, I would have posted my thoughts on that as soon as the two-hour results show finished but, for this year (possibly the

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Thoughts on Idol’s Episode Tonight

Yeah, I know.  Perhaps it is pretty darn late to post this.  After all, they’ve aired this particular “episode” of the show early in the morning (for us here in the Philippines) but, even so…I suppose I just want to

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American Idol 2009 Episode 2

Well, after yesterday’s debut, the AI crew found themselves on Kansas City, home to American Idol, David Cook.  As it is DC’s home state, the judges expected to see some jaw dropping talent, and sure enough, Kansas City delivered.

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