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Thoughts on Idol’s Episode Tonight

Yeah, I know.  Perhaps it is pretty darn late to post this.  After all, they’ve aired this particular “episode” of the show early in the morning (for us here in the Philippines) but, even so…I suppose I just want to

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SPOILERS! American Idol Season 11, Top 24

While those of us here in Asia who watch American Idol through Star World or some other local channel (don’t exactly know what other channels said show is aired on), I already have the super spoiler list of contestants who made

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Scotty and Lauren’s Debut Album!

Lauren and Scotty

After the success of their respective music videos that were just released earlier this week, American Idol Scotty McCreery and First Runner Up Lauren Alaina have both set a date for their much anticipated debut Albums.  They have also unveiled

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Scotty and Lauren’s Music Video!

Lauren and Scotty

After what seems like a long time, Scotty and Lauren finally has a music video that they can both be proud of! With the American Idol competition over, and the on-going American Idol Summer Tour, not to mention the dozens

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A McLaina Story Updated!

Ahhh, I didn’t think I’d be able to update the ‘A McLaina Story‘ fanfic.  I’d been busy, you see.  Especially with the book I’m working on…so, yeah…epic delay in the updating department. The newest chapter, What Happens In Vegas, Part

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