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The Strength of Youth!

As it is that time of the week again, the recent chapters of BLEACH and Naruto are already up on our Online Manga Viewer for everyone to read (if they haven’t yet). This week, BLEACH moves farther ahead in the

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Contradictions and More Battles From BLEACH and Naruto!

It seems that before the current arc ends, both mangaka of Naruto and Bleach would be prolonging the story further as seen in the latest chapters from both manga series that we now have on our OMV. First up is BLEACH.

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Triple Manga Update!

I know I wasn’t able to post an article about the previous week’s update, but I have a perfectly good explanation for that.  My family and I (with the exception of my sister, Mara) got into a car accident on

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Eye For An Eye Cased Closed!

An Eye For An Eye

After six files, Detective Conan’s Eye For An Eye case is finally closed! The motive has finally been revealed along with who the killer is.  The means with how the killer managed to kill the son and the President’s wife (the

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A McLaina Story Updated!

Ahhh, I didn’t think I’d be able to update the ‘A McLaina Story‘ fanfic.  I’d been busy, you see.  Especially with the book I’m working on…so, yeah…epic delay in the updating department. The newest chapter, What Happens In Vegas, Part

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