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Problem With FFN


So, I was supposed to have already uploaded two chapters today.  One for Another Future and another for Out of Time.  Unfortunately, I am unable to do so which leaves me bummed out and irate. It’s not really my fault why there

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Sixth ‘Out of Time’ Chapter Up!

This update had been a long time coming.  I would have updated my Daniel X fanfic sooner but, yeah…things have been pretty busy and I had so much on my mind that I completely forgot about this fanfic.  The same goes

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Daniel X: Out of Time Chapter 2 Up, Plus New CoT FanFic!

So, yeah…updates on the fan fiction department are pretty slow right now.  December is a pretty busy month for me, and even more so with what’s going to happen this coming January–which, by the way, I am absolutely psyched about (can’t really

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24th DX Chapter Up! Plus, Other Fanfic News!

Daniel X

So, I was supposed to upload this chapter during the weekend but, I was so caught up with my reading and with playing the new video game that I bought for myself as a form of stress reliever, that I

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Chronicles of Time: Cyber World’s Ending UP!

After 4 years of slow (yeah, I admit it) chapter updates, after having 62 chapters, Chronicles of Time: Cyber World’s ending is now available for everyone to read in FFN.  This chapter, entitled, “Tomorrow Will Surely Be Sunny” took all

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