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The Hour of Judgment — A CoT:CW Update!

Yes, people, you’ve read it right.  Today, on the 29th day of December in the year 2009, the second to the last chapter of the acclaimed Chronicles of Time: Cyber World is now available for my dear readers to read

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Manga and Other Updates

Well, I know I should have posted something after Christmas, but, a lot has happened since that day and we’ve just been back from Manila.

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Though I Said I Won’t But I Did!

This may seem like  a controversial post title for those whose minds are simply as grimy as the dump (or simply put those people who have their minds in the gutter) or those who like to read too much into

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"Because We Have Roles We Need to Play"

I’m not sure how many days have passed since my last CoT:CW fanfic but, no matter, what DOES matter is that I have updated the said fan fiction with this newest chapter entitled, “Because We Have Roles We Need to

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Chronicles of Time: Cyber World Update!

I’ve received mails stating how it was, and I quote, “…very surprising” that I am able to update this fanfic so quickly and so well in the course of just a few days.  Well, I hope that it’s a pleasant

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