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The Return of WSJ

Weekly Shonen Jump

After two weeks of non-WSJ updates, we finally get to read the newest chapters of our favorite manga. Bleach and Naruto chapters 388 and 478 are now available for download in our newly improved VIS Downloads Page. Also, Bleach, Naruto and

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"Do Not Speak to Me of Itachi!"

Well, as I have informed everyone early yesterday, the newest manga chapters of Naruto, Bleach and One Piece (as well as the other Shounen Jump mangas) have been leaked.  As such, thanks to our friends at SleepyFans, we now have

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Sasuke VS Danzo!

An early release of the latest chapter of Naruto and One Piece created quite a stir in the Narutoverse earlier today.  As promised, the chapter had three pages worth of colored goods but of course, that isn’t a big deal. 

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A Daunting Enemy! Madara's True Strength!

Well, SleepyFans are so quick to do their job, wouldn’t everyone agree?  Every week, before the week ends, they would manage to upload the latest chapter of Naruto provided that it isn’t on a short hiatus.  Having said that, we

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Naruto 474 Update! Sai Speaks Up!!

Okay.   I would have to say, I give a big KUDOS to SleepyFans for such a quick, yet accurate, translation for the BLEACH, One Piece, and of course, Naruto Mangas.  I’m just going to go over two of the Power

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