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The End of the Hachibi?! Naruto Update!!

Although it is not yet Friday, the most recent chapter of the Naruto manga is finally up for your online manga viewing and for download.  This week’s chapter is entitled, “A Deadly Battle in an Underwater Prison”.

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KillerBee's Tailed Beast Version 2!!

Okay, so it’s friday today and you know what that means, right?  No, I’m not hyping up because of the fact that today is the 13th of the month and is a friday.  Superstitious belief like that are of no

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Bee VS Kisame! Chapter 407 UP!!

Fridays have always been known to me, since the birth of Naruto, as Naruto-day.  Why?  Because it is the day that the Naruto Manga gets updated thanks to the valiant efforts of our friends over at SleepyFans.  As such, today,

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"Sakura's Confessions" And Naruto's Reaction!?

Kishimoto-san, albeit going on a short break the previous week, did not disappoint the fans of the Naruto Manga series this week when he released the newest chapter, Chapter 469 hours earlier than its intended release.  This recent chapter, entitled,

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A Mediocre xxxHolic Update?

Yes, we have waited weeks, perhaps even months for the newest xxxholic chapter wondering who the customer that the old fortuneteller had foretold.  However, after waiting forever and now that we have the chapter, I would have to say that

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