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Delayed DX: Out of Time Chapter UP!

After what (if I am not mistaken) 2 weeks of delay, I finally found the time to upload new chapters (yes, chapters) for my Daniel X fanfiction, Out of Time. I won’t give you guys the detail about why it was

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Little Daniel X: Out of Time Blunder

So, I made a totally, honest mistake with the previous Daniel X: Out of Time update.  Instead of uploading the first chapter after the Prologue, I ended up uploading/publishing the second chapter.  So, I had to fix that.  The chapter that

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Daniel X: Out of Time Chapter 2 Up, Plus New CoT FanFic!

So, yeah…updates on the fan fiction department are pretty slow right now.  December is a pretty busy month for me, and even more so with what’s going to happen this coming January–which, by the way, I am absolutely psyched about (can’t really

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New Daniel X Fanfic UP! Daniel X: Out of Time

This should have been the first post for the month of December as I had initially planned to publish the first chapter of Out of Time–which is the sequel to my Daniel X fanfic, Game Over–as soon as December kicked in,

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Daniel X Fanfic “Game Over” Ends

Daniel X: Game Over

Writing a fan fiction is never easy, especially if the story you had in mind has a serious note to it.  It takes time, patience (a whole lot of it, in fact!), a couple (or two, or more) inspiration, and

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