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Grandpa’s Will: A Stardew Valley Review

In a time when videogames have gone to the extreme; when blood and gore is highly favorable among hardcore gamers; when some big-name franchise release sequels and prequels and games that really could use a bit more fine-tuning; when mindless games have become abundant and quite redundant…there came an indie game that is all about the quiet life: Stardew Valley.

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MIND Zero: A Review

Before I begin with the review, let me just say (what I suppose will become apparent if it has not been thus far already) that I am a huge Persona fan. I like everything about the series from the twists and turns its story brings to its quirky characters, interesting gameplay, character design, and the game script itself. So, you can see how I became curious when I saw the box cover of this game–MIND Zero (MIND?0)–on the local videogame store.

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Mugiwara Chase! A One Piece: Pirate Warriors Review

I have always enjoyed Dynasty Warriors-esque games where you are pitted against a stream of numerous opponents and you have to defeat all of them, mashing buttons up like there’s no tomorrow with whatever weapon your character is equipped with.

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Uncharted Golden Abyss: A Review

One of the many reasons why I opted to buy Sony’s latest handheld console is because of the Uncharted game that was released with it.  I am a big fan of the franchise, loving how Naughty Dog incorporates action, suspense,

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