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Day 21: Just One

Music is a powerful tool.  It can lift a person up and can remind you of things you have forgotten.  It can make you reminisce on the things that have long gone by.  A song can teach you a lot

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Day 20: Measure Of A Man

The 20th song for our Hundred Days of Music challenge is one of the first songs I’ve heard when I got back to listening to Christian songs and it was one of those songs that got me to fall in-love

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Day 19: We Can Make A Difference

So, umm, yeah…I got totally delayed with this.  But, well, I’m back and we can get the ball rolling again on our Hundred Days of Music challenge.  Once again, for today, I chose a song with an uplifting tone and

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Day 18: You Know Better Than I

I have always been a fan of a good animated film, and by “good” I don’t just mean well-animated with jaw-dropping visual effects.  I lean more on the story, and the moral of it. Dreamworks have always been among my

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Day 17: Fall Apart

It is so easy to blame every single bad thing that happens in our lives to God.  After all, God is supposed to be omnipotent.  He is supposed to be our father.  He would not let anything bad happen to

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